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Local playgoers In Crosby, watching BBC's "Crimewatch" programme on Wednesday 18 December 2002, may have spotted a few familiar faces in one of the reconstructions! Members of Lucilla were asked by the BBC Crimewatch Team to help in the reconstruction of an attack near a Lydiate church hall.

The incident took place in early October 2002, but police decided to try and jog the public's memory. A young woman attending a christening party at St Gregory's church hall in Liverpool Road Lydiate went outside with her baby. As she wheeled the baby's buggy down a path she was grabbed, pulled over a wall and subjected to a serious sexual assault. The attacker is not believed to have been connected with the party.

Lucilla actors were contacted via the Lucilla Website and agreed to help, appearing as guests at the party after the christening and in the church. Speaking for the group, Esther Matthews said, "Some of us work as extras in films or television, but we felt this was more than just another job. We'd be happy to think we'd helped bring this man to justice. Naturally, no fee was involved."

For the BBC, assistant producer Stephen Pettinger praised the public for their response to all the "Crimewatch" programmes. "We depend on the goodwill of the community," he said, "It never ceases to amaze me how much people are prepared to give in an effort to help, and this time is no exception."

Peter Leonard, directing his third "Crimewatch", declared himself "knocked out" by the level of emotional involvement which some episodes generate, even affecting hardened production teams. Statistically, one in three reconstructions leads to an arrest.

Link to photos of Lucilla Members at the reconstruction Crimewatch Photo Gallery

An extract from our Guest Book:

What is your name? Stephen Pettinger
Where are you from? BBC
Do you have any comments? Just a belated thank you to all the members of Lucilla who took part in the BBC Crimewatch reconstruction last December. You really were all excellent and the crew commented on how professional you all were. I am extremely grateful to you all and look forward to working with you again. The web site is fantastic! Regards Stephen Pettinger Asst Producer BBC TV.

Thanks, Stephen!


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