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The 2003 Lucilla Festival

The 2003 Lucilla One Act Play Festival took place at Crosby Civic Hall on 15th, 16th & 17th May 2003. This was the 38th year.


The following entered our Festival in 2003:

(The winners are announced further down the page)

Group Play Producer

Derby Players

Semblance of Madness
John H. Newmeir
Jacqui Padden
& Jacquie Wade

Sleight of Hand
Theatre Company

Forward to the Light
Lilly Ann Green

Les Read

St. Albans Players

Cliff's Edge
Paul Beard

Damian Saul

The Players Skelmersdale

No Name in the Street
Edward Murch

Ian Duffy

Alsop Drama Group

Welcome Home
Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan

Neston Players

Visitor from Forest Hills
Neil Simon

Clifford Inns

Lucilla Dramatic Society

Crossing the Border
Bob Stone

Bob Stone

The Adjudicator was Geoffrey Holme A.D.S, L.L.A.M. (Drama), Cert. In Drama (Solo), G.S.M.D.

The following is a list of the Awards and the winners

The Lucilla Cup: The Players Skelmersdale.

Harold O. Roberts Adjudicator’s Cup: Awarded to the original play Welcome Home By Paul Morgan, Alsop Drama Group.

Maureen Boase Cup for Best Production: Awarded to Damian Saul, St. Alban's Players, for Cliff's Edge.

Edith Cassaday Shield for Endeavour: Awarded to the original play Crossing the Border By Bob Stone, Lucilla DS.

Cecil C. Abbotson Trophy for Best Character Actor/Actress: Awarded to Kate Sumner of Lucilla DS for her performance as the Old Woman in Crossing the Border.

Crosby Arts Assoc. Cup for best Under 21 Actor/Actress: Awarded to Christine Felton of The Players Skelmersdale for her performance as the Servant in No Name in the Street.

Madge Sellers Cup for Best Actress: Awarded to Zo McCrudden of St. Alban's Players, for her performance as Sue in Cliff's Edge.

Norman Sellers Cup for Best Actor: Awarded to Les read of the Sleight Of Hand Theatre Company for his performance as the Guard in Forward to the Right.


The Lucilla Festival was affiliated to the National Drama Festival Association



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