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The 2004 Lucilla Festival


The 2004 Lucilla One Act Play Festival took place at Crosby Civic Hall on 14th & 15th May 2004.
This was the Festival's 39th year.

The Adjudicator for our 2004 Festival was: Irene Rostron GODA SASDA ADB

The offering from Lucilla was "Departure" by Stephen Smith. Set in an untidy corner of an airport departure lounge which the cleaners have abandoned to go for lunch, it brings together a modern-day Mrs. Malaprop, seeking a husband for her less-than-brilliant daughter, and a middle-aged couple, whose marriage is well past its sell-by date. The resulting exchanges are a bit like fingernails down a blackboard, but also extremely funny, as the unlikely quartet wait for their delayed holiday flight to Majorca.

Taking part were Margaret McDowell, Valerie Broom, Liz Wall and Mike Quirke. Director was Esther Matthews. Congratulations go to all involved with this production. Not only did the production win the Lucilla Cup, the top award of the festival, but Margaret McDowell won Best Character Actress and Mike Quirke won Best Actor!

See report and pictures at THIS LINK and you may read the full Adjudication at THIS LINK.

The full list of participants in the 2004 Festival showing their plays and the running order can be seen below.

The following is a list of the Awards and the winners:

The Lucilla Cup: Lucilla DS, for Departures.

Harold O. Roberts Adjudicator’s Cup: Awarded to The Players Skelmersdale for the staging & lighting in Child Of Air.

Maureen Boase Cup for Best Production: Awarded to The Players Skelmersdale, for Child of Air.

Edith Cassady Shield for Endeavour: Awarded to Shot Down In May, Alsop Drama Group.

Cecil C. Abbotson Trophy for Best Character Actor/Actress: Awarded to Margaret McDowell of Lucilla DS for her performance as Rosemary Gibbs in Departures.

Crosby Arts Assoc. Cup for best Under 21 Actor/Actress: Awarded jointly to Helen Massey & Joe Johnson of Alsop Drama Group for their performances as Kim & Kirk in Shot Down In May.

Madge Sellers Cup for Best Actress: Awarded to Marnie Clark of The Neston Players, for her performance as She in Understanding.

Norman Sellers Cup for Best Actor: Awarded to Mike Quirke of Lucilla DS for his performance as Dennis Tippitt in Departures.


The Lucilla Festival was affiliated to the National Drama Festival Association


As the Lucilla Festival was NDFA Affiliated, the winners of the Lucilla Cup, which is the Cup awarded to the overall winners of the Festival, were eligible for invitation to the British All-Winners Festival.  Also, the NDFA sponsor a Playwriting Competition - The George Taylor Memorial Award - and any original play script doing well in the Lucilla Festival could be eligible for entry. Adjudication of plays entered for this Award is carried out by a NDFA panel of judges and the winner receives a certificate and a cash prize (N.B. this process is entirely separate from the Lucilla Festival).

  • To read a little about the history of the Festival follow this link: Festival History


The full list of participants in the 2004 Festival showing their plays and the running order was as follows:

Date &
Running Order
Group Play Producer
Friday 14 May

Waterloo & Crosby
Theatre Company

Barbara and Diane
Cheryl Ann Costa
Sarah Rimmer
Friday 14 May

Alsop Drama Group

Shot Down In May
Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan

Friday 14 May

Neston Players

Cliff Inns

Cliff Inns

Saturday 15 May

The Players Skelmersdale

Child Of Air
Carolyn Lane

Ian Duffy

Saturday 15 May

Lucilla Dramatic Society

Stephen Smith

Esther Matthews

Saturday 15 May

St. Albans Players

Hell and High Water
Leonard Morley

Damian Saul


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