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History of the Lucilla Festival

The Lucilla Festival celebrated it's 40th anniversary in 2005.

The late Maureen Boase, pictured below, organised the Lucilla Festival for 39 of those 40 years! Quite an achievement! At the end of the 2005 Festival, Maureen announced her 'retirement' from the role of Festival Organiser. Use THIS LINK to see a brief tribute to Maureen.

On reviewing the viability of the Festival, the Lucilla Committee reluctantly decided, for various reasons, that the Lucilla Festival should be discontinued as it was no longer viable. These reasons included the high cost of hiring Crosby Civic Hall, the lack of support from the paying public, and other, organisational, factors.  Therefore, the 2005 Festival proved to be the last - the end of an era.

Maureen writes:

'The Lucilla One-act Play Festival was originally an idea of Cecil Abbotson, strongly supported by myself and Lillian Sewell, the Secretary of Lucilla at that time. We formedPicture of Maureen Boase, Festival Organiser a small committee to organise the event and five local companies were invited to present a genuine one-act play together with Lucilla’s entry, the event to take place over two nights, three plays each night, on the studio stage at Lucilla House. James Cochrane, a British Drama League Adjudicator, was invited to adjudicate the six plays. The first winner of the Lucilla Cup was St. Mary’s Amateur Dramatic Society.

The Festival ran for 4 years at Lucilla House, being taken out in 1970 to Alexandra Hall, Crosby and in 1976, to Crosby Civic Hall, where the event was presented in May each year.

The same companies have not taken part each year and it was necessary to search far and wide to find sufficient entries, preferably to make a 3 night Festival although on occasion only 2 nights were possible.

The Festival was always run in a light hearted and friendly manner, and I made many new friends over the years. The Festival was always considered to be one of the highlights of the year’s events in Crosby, enjoyed by participants and audiences alike'.

The Lucilla Festival was latterly affiliated to the National Drama Festivals Association.


Winners of the Lucilla Cup 1966 - 2005

1966: St. Mary's Dramatic Society
1967: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1968: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1969: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1970; St. Helen's Amateur Dramatic Society 
1971: The Dorians
1972: The Dorians
1973 The Derby Players
1974: The Derby Players
1975: The Cambridge Players
1976: Alsop Drama Group
1977: Aughton Community Theatre
1978: Alsop Drama Group
1979: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1980: Aughton Community Theatre
1981: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1982: Alsop Drama Group
1983: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1984: The Players, Skelmersdale
1985: The Players, Skelmersdale
1986: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1987: Waterloo 8 Crosby Theatre Co.
1988: The Players. Skelmersdale
1989: Aughton Community Theatre Co
1990: Waterloo & Crosby Theatre Co.
1991: Waterloo & Crosby Theatre Co.
1992: Neptune Productions
1993: Neptune Productions
1994: Splinter Theatre Group
1995: Lucilla Amateur Dramatic Society
1996: The Players. Skelmersdale
1997: The Players, Skelmersdale
1998: The Players, Skelmersdale
1999: The Players, Skelmersdale
2000: The Players, Skelmersdale
2001: The Players, Skelmersdale
2002: The Riverside Players
2003: The Players, Skelmersdale
2004: Lucilla Dramatic Society
2005: Neston Players


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