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Our production of

Recipe For Murder

was at Crosby Civic Hall on 18 -20th March, 2004

The Play

Audiences who roared with laughter at the Lucilla’s last play, had a chance to see that we’re just as good at thrillers as we are at comedy, when we presented Recipe For Murder by J.DRecipe For Murder Flyer. Robins.

The play, directed by Bob Stone, was first performed in 2001 and has recently been released for amateur performance. It is the ingenious and intriguing story of David Lawson, a research scientist, and his wife Claire, who are visited in their country cottage by journalist Kit Kelly. Is Kit really just staying in the village as a rest cure, or is his appearance somehow connected with the leaks, which have been appearing in the press about the Research Centre where David works? Is David’s sister Beatie just being over-protective in her concerns for his health?

Kit’s arrival starts a chain of events and secrets are revealed which can only lead to tragedy … but for whom?

This play keep our audiences guessing and entertained until the final surprise! Many were heard to say that they realised that there WOULD be a twist at the end, but nobody guessed it!

The Cast

ANDREW RICE-OXLEY (David LawsAndrew Ricw-Oxley Pictureon) was last seen in the dual roles of Tim and Major Pirbirght in “Murder In Play”, but has since completed and published his book on Christina Rossetti and is relishing his return to the stage. Andrew acts, writes, directs and plays a mean ukulele. There really is no end to his talents.

ALISON JONES (Claire Lawson, David’s wife) also played a dual role in “Murder In Play”, but more enjoyed her role of Sue in the Lucilla’s last play,Alison Jones Picture “You’re Only Young Twice”, because at least her character survived to the end of the play. Alison has been acting since she was 13 and says it’s probably too late to do anything about it now.

MARGARET CHAMBERS (Beatie, David’s sister)Margaret Chambers Picture was not in “Murder In Play” at all, but that is an exception. Regular Lucilla audience members will need no introduction to Margaret, as she is one of our more prolific actresses, but her recent roles were in “Saving Ardley” and “Laying the Ghost”. This is what she does for fun.

JOHN WILD (Kit Kelly) Not seen on the Lucilla stage John Wild Picturesince appearing in "Suddenly at Home" in 1999, John Wild returns to play the part of Kit (Christopher) Kelly. A divorced journalist turning up and taking too close an interest in the affairs of Claire and David Lawson - just what's his game?

The Director

Bob Stone PictureDirector BOB Stone's most recent Lucilla productions were “Murder In Play” and our last two entries in the Lucilla One-Act Play Festival, both of which won the Edith Cassady Shield For Endeavour, so at least he’s consistent. He says he has grey hairs for each Lucilla production he has been involved with. Bob has a lot of grey hairs!

The Set for Recipe For Murder

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