Our May 2006 production was

"Strictly for the Birds" by Don Woods

At Crosby Civic Hall  Thursday to Saturday 11/13 May 2006

 "Strictly for the Birds", a thriller with a difference by Don Woods, has a strong element of bluff and double-bluff which keeps the audience guessing till the final curtain. In this story of unholy wedlock, Bernard and Linda's marriage is on the edge of collapse, and when it emerges that Linda is keeping a dark secret, the relationship becomes even more tense.

The mystery deepens as a jewellery salesman, a milliner and a strange, psychic lady become involved, until we start to wonder if anyone - including the pigeon - is really who they seem to be. Even the intrepid Inspector Irving may finally have drawn the wrong conclusion!

Twists and counter-twists maintain the suspense at high level! Can you guess "whodunit"?

Margaret McDowell as Linda is well matched by Lucilla newcomer Sean Gaffney as Bernard, both trying to unmask a mystery criminal - or are they? Other members of the cast are Wendy Stone, Kate Sumner and Graham Aldridge, with John Wild as Inspector Irving.

Directed by Esther Matthews, the play ran from Thursday to Saturday 11/13 May 2006.

Who said rehearsals are boring? Not the cast of Strictly For the Birds (shown left), taking a well earned break from a busy schedule. The actors devoted three nights a week to the play, concentrating on learning lines and moves and working at becoming the people they portray. 

Director Esther Matthews says that this was one of the keenest casts she’s worked with – sometimes they were even ahead of her! Backed up by a hard working stage team – the unsung heroes of any show – they aim to make your evening a most enjoyable experience!

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