At Crosby Civic Hall 13 - 15 November 2003.

Directed by Kate Sumner

Ron Aldridge's comedy - YOU'RE ONLY YOUNG TWICE
It'You're Only Young Twice Flyers a familiar story - running around with a gang, late-night drinking parties, loud music, out all hours and not getting out of bed until the afternoon. Sue and Richard have all these problems, and it's driving them crazy. But it's not problems with a teenage son - it's Sue's dad Brooksie! A recent widower, Brooksie and his gang from the Over 60s Club are finding delight in recapturing their youth.

Brooksie has moved in with his daughter after the death of his wife Grace. His best friend Tom is about to marry the widow Julia, despite her friend Rose's disapproval because Tom is easily influenced and quickly falling under the spell of Brooksie's new unruly lifestyle and motto, "You're only as young as you feel". Despite Rose's protestations, the wedding plans move forward until a particularly heavy stag night and several indiscretions later, everything is thrown into confusion and Brooksie suddenly starts feeling his age....

This is an incredibly funny play!  Our audiences loved it and everyone involved with the production had a great deal of fun!

You're only young twice was first presented by Eastbourne Theatres in association with Paul Farrah on August 21st 2001 at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne. The cast was as follows: 

The Cast for the Lucilla production was as follows:

sue Linda Regan Alison Jones


Tony Verner

Graham Aldridge

gordon 'brooksie' brooks

 Brian Murphy Gordon Craig


Victor Spinetti Peter Mercer


Carmen Silvera Val Broom


Judy Cornwell Pauline Ordish


Margaret Ashcroft Esther Matthews

The set: click the picture to see a larger version
Flowchart: Terminator: The set: click the picture to see a larger version
Picture of the set for Your Only Young Twice

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